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Tips on How to shave with your Safety Razor - Don’t fret, it’s easy!

Tips on How to shave with your Safety Razor - Don’t fret, it’s easy!

Tips on How to shave with your Safety Razor - Don’t fret, it’s easy! Courtesy of CaliWoods

Shaving with a safety razor is slightly different to using a plastic razor, in the best way possible. Safety razors are built for longevity and have a different design, so they provide a closer shave and are easy to use.

Here are a few helpful tips to understand before you begin your first plastic free shave.

  • Glide the razor lightly over your skin. DO NOT PRESS. A safety razor is designed differently to a plastic disposable razor - it does the hard work for you!
  • Bikini areas and underarms are fine to use with these razors, make sure you are gentle and light while keeping skin taut. 
  • Keep the razor on a flat angle to your skin for safety. 
  • When travelling, wrap a small sock around the head of your shaver to save your hands when rummaging and to protect the other products in your bag.
  • Store in a dry place for longevity.
  • Your razor will not rust, but after being wet for some time, the blades may. If they do, simply give them a generous rub with a towel or emery cloth.
  • When your blade is blunt, simply unscrew the head of the razor from the handle, place the new blade between the two top plates (holding by the blunt edges) and screw the handle back on.

Okay so you’re almost ready...

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to use a Safety Razor.

Pretty similar to what you have already experienced with the plastic ones - just keep the above tips in mind and you’ll be fine.

You’ll need: 

  • A CaliWood Low Waste Beauty Safety Razor 
  • A shaving soap
  • A water source
  • A towel

How to: 

  1. Wet your skin and lather with soap
  2. Wet your razor
  3. Lightly drag your razor over your skin; rinse the razor after 1-3 strokes
  4. Add more soap or water to your skin as needed
  5. Rinse your skin with water so no hair or soap is left
  6. Dry your skin with a towel
  7. High-five yourself on a plastic free shave!

How about the Blades? What do I do with them when they are Blunt?

Like we said, your Razor should last decades, but your Blades need to be replaced when they’re blunt. This will be after 5 shaves on average but it really depends on how thick your hair is. If you’re a guy with thick facial hair you will go through more blades quickly. If you are shaving thin leg hair then you won’t need to swap them out as often.

How to return the used blades:

      1. USE your blades until they are no longer sharp enough to complete a good shave.
      2. CLEAN the blade and DRY it.
      3. POST the blades back to Cali Low Waste Beauty HQ. Once you have 40+ blunt blades to return, pop them into the supplied envelope, seal and wrap them into another (so the postie’s hands are safe).   Post to: CaliWoods - Blade Return Program, 753 Te Atatu Rd, Auckland 0610

Posted: Tuesday 10 May 2022


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