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What does it feel like to have Anxiety?  Well that’s a hard one to pin point.  I guess it’s like the World is moving too fast.

As a child, I was an anxious little thing, but I wouldn’t say I was diagnosed as such.  Looking back, I would say without a doubt I would have that label if it was today.  I’m super logical so I have learnt to understand that people aren’t actually judging me or watching me……and that they actually don’t care about what’s going on in my head.

If I feel that creepy darkness, I try and remove myself and look at my situation from a third parties perspective.  It’s extremely grounding.  It’s like giving a speech – you are super nervous, but NO ONE CARES ABOUT THAT.  All they want to hear is what you have to say.  They don’t care you are shaking or have spent hours rehearsing.  They are only interested in what you are delivering. 

I am a firm believer in Essential Oils and their benefits.  Smell is one of the strongest Human senses and this is why I made myself personally a couple of Diffuser Bracelets.  Fast forward a few years and I still use them today.  I SWEAR BY THEM.  I’ve spent so many months creating my little business to make the prettiest Diffuser Bracelets I can ….the support and feedback has been out the gate humbling.  So thank you!  Em x  For Keeps

Posted: Friday 17 June 2022


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