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How to clean your menstrual cup! Courtesy of The Hello Cup

How to clean your menstrual cup! Courtesy of The Hello Cup

Another great product  and a few great tips by The Hello Cup Team.

Written by The Hello Cup

Oh, you haven’t heard of this amazing sanitising spray? Well, let us introduce you properly to Hello Go, a technology from the manufacturer, Zoono. When this versatile spray dries it resembles a layer of microscopic pins that attracts, pierces, and kills pathogens—similar to a pin popping a balloon—which means NO resistance to superbugs! Traditional sanitisers kill bacteria with the use of high alcohol content which can dry out your skin. Hello Go on the other hand is a food-grade, water-based sanitiser so it’s safe and gentle on your mitts. 

Even cooler is that you can use Hello Go internally because it has a neutral pH similar to that of water (water has a pH of 7 and Hello Go has a pH of 6.9), which means that it won’t affect the pH of your vagina. Once Hello Go dries it forms an antimicrobial layer that lasts for 24 hours. While you don’t need to reapply Hello Go in a 24-hour period, should you want to or feel the need, you certainly can. 

Hello Go is your bestie when it comes to keeping your hands and cup protected from nasties. Non-toxic and alcohol-free, Hello Go is the perfect size to keep in your bag. 

  • is alcohol free, low-tox & dermatologically tested
  •  is less toxic than vitamin C & coffee
  •  is water-based (99% purified water!) 
  • is environmentally friendly 
  • surface products have food safety approvals in Australia and New Zealand
  •  is Australian and New Zealand owned
  • is scientifically proven by over 100 independent lab reports

To use on your hands simply spray on your hands and allow to dry – your hands will continue to be protected for up to 24 hours even with subsequent washing.

To sterilize your cup with Hello Go, simply rinse or wipe your cup clean. Spray Hello Go onto your cup and allow to dry before inserting.

Each Hello Go spray contains 50ml of amazingness.

We still recommend you sterilise your cup at the end of each cycle by boiling for three minutes or soaking for 15 mins in water with a sterilisation tablet before you store it.

Posted: Friday 20 November 2020


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