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I love the hemp oil for my growing pregnant puku - so far 8 months and no stretch marks. Could be genes but think it's me applying it liberally each day! I applied it once daily in the first tri, twice in the second tri and now three times in the last tri. I also used it on my scalp last night as my dandruff has worsened with hormones and this morning I've got none!
Sian, June 2022
Can totally recommend a visit to Debbie's home. Great products and variety, and the service is outstanding! From a repeat and ever so happy customer :-))
Ngaire, November 2022
The hemp oil feels absolutely amazing! My skin has never felt this fresh and nourished. I'm addicted. 
November 2022
You may not believe it I use this coconut brush from your shop as a body brush for dry brushing .I like a good stiff brush for dry brushing my body and this is made of natural fibres, fits perfectly in your hand is cheaper than many body brushes I've tried over the years. I've been using it for about a year now and it is still going strong. Thank you for selling such great natural products.
samrichards06, 15 May 2020
Bought some amazing beard oil today as I'm going to give growing a longer beard a try again.
Christer Eriksson, 19 May 2019
Now that's what I call a diffuser! Just had to make a small office purchase today, couldn't help myself.
Corbin Rd, 03 May 2019

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