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Pacific Solid Perfumes
  • Pacific Solid Perfumes

Pacific Solid Perfumes

Pacific Solid Cream Perfumes - 6 fragrances 

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[{"colour":"","code":"PPCCREAMA","size":"Aloha","price":30,"qty":7,"pid":3684493,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/628033/pid3684492/web6_2048x_af06f6ea-3cc1-445a-b3dc-bda09d9747a1.jpg","title":"Pacific Solid Perfumes"},{"colour":"","code":"PPCREAMFOF","size":"Forest of Ferns","price":30,"qty":8,"pid":3684494,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/628033/pid3684492/web6_2048x_af06f6ea-3cc1-445a-b3dc-bda09d9747a1.jpg","title":"Pacific Solid Perfumes"},{"colour":"","code":"PPCREAMF","size":"Frangipani","price":30,"qty":7,"pid":3684495,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/628033/pid3684492/web6_2048x_af06f6ea-3cc1-445a-b3dc-bda09d9747a1.jpg","title":"Pacific Solid Perfumes"},{"colour":"","code":"PPCREAMPG","size":"Pacific Goddess","price":30,"qty":0,"pid":3684496,"style":"","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/628033/pid3684492/web6_2048x_af06f6ea-3cc1-445a-b3dc-bda09d9747a1.jpg","title":"Pacific Solid Perfumes"},{"colour":"","code":"PPCREAMPGR","size":"Patchouli goes Retro","price":30,"qty":13,"pid":3684497,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/628033/pid3684492/web6_2048x_af06f6ea-3cc1-445a-b3dc-bda09d9747a1.jpg","title":"Pacific Solid Perfumes"},{"colour":"","code":"PPCREAMTLK","size":"Tui Loves Kowhai","price":30,"qty":5,"pid":3684498,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/628033/pid3684492/web6_2048x_af06f6ea-3cc1-445a-b3dc-bda09d9747a1.jpg","title":"Pacific Solid Perfumes"}]
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Pacific Solid Cream Perfumes - 6 fragrances 

Pacific Perfumes Original range of Solid Perfumes are inspired by the beauty and essence of Aotearoa and the South Pacific.

They are created from Essential oils and fragrance compounds (man made) and blended into a creamy solid base of jojoba, sweet almond oils and Beeswax. 

"We searched for some time to find an eco-friendly way of producing our precious pots. Finally we settled on the perfect solution - sustainable Beech. Sourced from certified sustainable New Zealand forests, a new tree is planted for every one that is logged. YES!"

Their wood pots are many things - compact, everlasting, and beautiful to touch and a clever snap-to system keeps them secure as well as sealed with a lacquer certified by the European Standards Authority. 

So the very good news is – your perfume’s safe in your large hand bag, safe upside down in your small purse - safe until you choose to open it. It will not open in a rush. It needs you. You and a simple ‘snap-to.’ A travel essential and may be taken on the plane as an alcohol free fragrance.

They are strongly against products that have been tested on animals and are proudly certified Cruelty Free. 

Aloha - Floral - Fruity Berry - Sweet Wood - Soft.  Fresh, joyful and welcoming, a solid Perfume with the essence of Hawaii and her Islands. This deeply layered fragrance includes fresh notes of Bergamot touched with Cedarwood and Pomegranate. 

Forest of Ferns - Green - Fresh - Citrus - Sharp.  A green zesty fragrance with top notes of Lime, Bergamot and Basil partnered with a touch of earthy Vetiver that revives and stimulates the senses. 

Frangipani - Floral - Sweet - Soft Green - Tropical.  The sacred flower of the Pacific. Harmonious, sweet, intoxicating Frangipani blossoms with a fresh hint of citrus most fragrant at night.  The complex floral aroma with its elements of orange flower and jasmine fragrance.

Pacific Goddess - Sweet Spicy - Soft Floral - Oriental. This wonderful blend is their most popular solid perfume fragrance. Test the waters! It's both soft and intensely rich, full of spicy yet delicate vanilla extracts.

Patchouli goes Retro - Floral - Fruity Berry - Sweet Wood - Soft.  For lovers of Patchouli, this single note solid perfume is from the pure essential oil. No partners here, this one does it alone.

Tui Loves Kowhai - Floral - Rich - Sweet Woody - Honey.  Personality:  Graceful, an Unusual Floral Feast

Each fragrance is a 10ml/ 0.33oz solid perfume


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  • Posted: 2024-01-30

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