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Kawakawa Haircare Shampoo Bar by Frankie
  • Kawakawa Haircare Shampoo Bar by Frankie

Kawakawa Haircare Shampoo Bar by Frankie

Kumarahou & Kawakawa Shampoo Bar - 80g

Frankie Apothecary’s mission is to provide natural and effective skin care products inspired by Rongoā Māori (Māori herbal medicine), to relieve the suffering caused by sensitive skin and eczema and provide a healthy and natural alternative to mainstream skin care products.

Frankie's  Kūmarahou + Kawakawa solid shampoo bar combines the natural cleansing properties found in the NZ native Kūmarahou flowers and the restorative, soothing properties of our Kawakawa. We have also added conditioning ingredients to these shampoo bars to make them extra moisturising.

Enjoy their vegan, cruelty free solid shampoo bars in recyclable packaging, for a cleaner world as well as clean hair!  Vanilla & Kawakawa Conditioner Bar also available.


Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (from coconut oil), Sodium Coco Sulfate, BTMS 25 (vegetable derived), Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol, Cocoa Butter, Pola Wax, Argan oil, Kawakawa infused Sweet Almond oil, Kūmarahou extract, Natural fragrance (from essential oil), Vitamin E, Natural Colour, Tetrasodium EDTA (0.1%) *

* Tetrasodium EDTA is used is used in a minute amount (1 part per thousand) to stabilise and preserve the shampoo bar.


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