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Dirty Hippie Moisturising Bar
  • Dirty Hippie Moisturising Bar

Dirty Hippie Moisturising Bar

These solid moisturising bars are a delicious mix of Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter and Organic Beeswax.  They have an amazing natural scent and are so divine to use.  Simply run the bar over your body wherever you need and the warmth of your body will melt the bar just enough!  Then rub in as you would any moisturiser.

Why a solid bar you ask?  Well first of all it's Zero Waste.  The bar will come in a cardboard push-up tube or compostable paper.  Using a bar means you won't waste any, like you can do squeezing too much out of a tube or scooping too much out of a jar.  You only put on exactly what you need, as solid bars do not have the need for preservatives like a moisturising lotion would.  Win win win!!

Sizes: 52g | 1/4 sample size


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