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Activated Charcoal Water Filters

Activated Charcoal Water Filters
  • Activated Charcoal Water Filters

6C Binchotan Mother Nature's h20 Filter

6C Binchotan is an eco-friendly, and EASY way to filter tap water!

6C Binchotan is activated charcoal, sourced from the unique Ubame oak tree in Japan and used for centuries for its purification properties. 6C Binchotan is the simple, eco-conscious way to filter out unwanted chemicals, heavy metals and unpleasant tastes lurking in your H20, leaving you to sip back clean + refreshing tasting H20 without the fuss. 

It’s no secret that most water treatment plants use chlorine to make h20 drinkable. Add to this, the hard fact that our waters are polluted with metals, toxins + other rubbish, all affecting our health in various ways.

To combat this, 6C Binchotan is the easy, on-the-go, long-lasting solution that gets to work straight away, using its micro-porous superpowers to absorb and trap those nasties, and stop them entering into your system!

6C Binchotan- Personal is intended for use in your personal water bottle. Drop the stick in your h20 and let Mother Nature do her work! 2 x small sticks in this pack.

6C Binchotan- Carafe is intended for use in a pitcher or carafe. Drop the stick in your h20 and let Mother Nature do her work! Includes 1 x large stick.

  • Each stick will reliably filter your water for 3 months.
  • Fill your 2L pitcher or carafe to make kick arse tasting water.
  • Each stick has a second purpose! Use it to clean up smelly places or crush it up to mineralise your garden!
  • Packaging is recyclable and biodegradable.
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