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Homemade Lemon Dusters by Green Goddess

Homemade Lemon Dusters by Green Goddess

Homemade Lemon Dusters

Wonderfull Tip by Green Goddess

½ cup Water
½ cup Green Goddess Premium White Vinegar
3 Large Lemons rind only
6 drops Lemon Essential Oil
6 to 8 dusters 
(made from old t shirts, shirts, nappies, sheets or bamboo eco wipes)

Mix the equal quantities of water and white vinegar in a bowl. Add lemon essential oil, soak your clean dusters in the bowl for a few minutes and squeeze so that they are damp.

Roll up cloths lengthwise, then roll the other way into a ball.

Place these in the jar one on top of each other, throw in pieces of lemon rind and screw on the lid. Leave for a week, then remove the rind.

Take the dusters out when you need to use them, and if they aren’t too soiled you can roll them back up and use them again. You can also redo the rind every now and then for extra scent. The smell in the room is divine.

Other options:

Use lavender sprigs instead of lemon peel and lavender essential oil instead of lemon essential oil.

Use orange peel instead of lemon peel and sweet orange essential oil instead of lemon essential oil.

Posted: Wednesday 25 May 2022


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