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Nostalgic Art Assorted Storage Tins

Nostalgic Art Assorted Storage Tins
  • Nostalgic Art Assorted Storage Tins

Retro Design Storage Tins 

Thanks to these Nostalgic-Art tins, your morning starts with a smile. Adorned with your favourite retro design, the vintage tin cans are an eye-catcher both on the shelf and on the breakfast table. They also last longer than conventional packaging. A wrap-around motif embossing provides stability and adds a high-quality face to the tin. The lid is colour printed and with this feature it becomes a visual highlight in every kitchen. Thanks to the brilliant colours, the popular motifs are shown to their best advantage.

In addition, the storage cans ensure spaciousness and order. Say good-bye to annoying plastic bags, elastics, or paper bags that must be protected from water. Instead, our beautifully decorated tins create space on the shelf. The lids close tightly, so that even foods such as coffee, flour, sugar and cereal are well protected and stay fresh for a long time. The metal boxes for food are available in various formats, which makes them suitable for different purposes.

Whether as a cookie tin or coin bank ― you can never have too many of these metal boxes. 

Size:  23 x 15 x 7cm

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