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Diffuser Bracelet - Picasso Jasper Earth Stacker

Diffuser Bracelet - Picasso Jasper Earth Stacker
  • Diffuser Bracelet - Picasso Jasper Earth Stacker

Many people believe Picasso Jasper can aid with relationship transitions, renew lost friendships and gives inner support through stressful situations.

Picasso Jasper is insanely rich and deep. It still blows my mind how this comes from inside the Earth!

With a mash up of greens, burnt reds, browns and burnt yellows/oranges, this to me is an absolute must have stone. But aside from that, it’s just down right gorgeous!

Available with Lava or Rosewood Beads.  Can be used as a Diffuser bracelet by placing a couple of drops of your favourite diffuser oils on to the lava or rosewood beads.



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[{"colour":"","code":"FKPJSL","size":"Lava Beads","price":21.739,"pid":3684135,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/628033/pid3684134/315451377_3442616312662665_5285366755679658833_n.jpg","title":"Diffuser Bracelet - Picasso Jasper Earth Stacker"},{"colour":"","code":"FKPJSR","size":"Rosewood Beads","price":21.739,"pid":3684136,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/628033/pid3684134/315451377_3442616312662665_5285366755679658833_n.jpg","title":"Diffuser Bracelet - Picasso Jasper Earth Stacker"}]
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